Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn frequently asked questions about
MAS 90, Sage 100, and MAS 200

How do I know if I need to upgrade my accounting and business management software?

There are several "warning" signs that will let you know that it may be time to start considering an upgrade from QuickBooks, Peachtree, etc. Here are common issues that small businesses experience if they are outgrowing their current software:

  • You're using multiple software products to run your front and back-of-office applications(i.e. QuickBooks, Peachtree along with Spreadsheets)
  • You're looking for "specific" features that are not offered in your current accounting/operational software (i.e. Inventory Management, Manufacturing, e-Commerce, Scheduling, Job Costs, Shipping, Payroll, Time and Billing, EDI, Credit Card Processing, Customer Relationship Management, etc.)
  • You expect or want a growth in revenue, customer base, locations, and/or employees and your current system just won't handle it
  • Your employees are unhappy with the current software because of double-entry, it's too hard to understand, it's too old, etc.
  • You're on any DOS-based system or other legacy system such as a custom written program

I’m currently using QuickBooks/Peachtree. Do you offer any products that specialize in the upgrade and data-conversion of this accounting software?

MTSI offers the number one mid-market level solution for businesses looking to upgrade from QuickBooks or Peachtree. Sage MAS 90 QuickBooks Special Edition and Sage MAS 90 Peachtree Special Edition are the logical next steps if your business is experiencing growth and you need to upgrade to a more robust solution.


I'm considering a change in my accounting and business management software. What are the things I should look for and consider?

Most mid-market accounting software programs are quite similar. The three main things you should ask yourself about each solution as you begin your search are:

  1. Does the solution fit your budget?
  2. Will the solution be able to do 90% of the things you're looking for? It won't be able to make you coffee in the morning!
  3. And most importantly, is the company you're hiring to do the installation, implementation, data-conversion, and training a reliable one? Choosing the wrong company could make your future day-to-day operations a "challenging" one to say the least.


I'm not sure what solution is best for me. Can you explain what the differences are between Sage MAS 90, Sage 100, and MAS 200?

The main difference between Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 is speed.Sage MAS 90 is generally used for 10 users and below and the work is done on the user's workstation and then sent to the server to be processed ... data is then sent back to that workstation again.

Sage MAS 200 is much quicker and the user does the work on the actual server and the data is then sent to the workstation thru "picture" frames. This is known as a "thin-client" or client-server feature.  Sage MAS 200 is usually used by businesses that have 11-250 users and/or multiple locations where several employees will be logged-in at one time and/or remotely.


I've decided to go with a Sage product … how do I choose the proper company to do the installation, implementation, data conversion, and training?

Choosing the right provider is the most important step when upgrading your accounting and business management software. Many companies just try to push their software "out the door" and lack in the area of support AFTER an implementation. There are six general questions you should always ask:

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. What is the experience of your technicians?
  3. Can your company handle my hardware/networking needs as well?
  4. Do you have any references I can call?
  5. Do you OUTSOURCE any of your support services?
  6. What is your average response time if I ever have an issue?


Why MTSI? Here are some facts that separate MTSI from the competition:

  1. With over 19 years of experience, MTSI has offices throughout the U.S. and is one of Sage's largest Select partners. We specialize in all Sage MAS 90 , Sage 100 and Sage MAS 200products and services.
  2. Our main focus has always been on improving our customer's bottom-line (profit), top-line (growth), employee productivity and customer service. 100% of our clients are referencable.
  3. We handle all of the required steps involved with a software upgrade including implementation, installation, data conversion and training. All of our technicians are Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers and can handle your hardware and networking issues as well.
  4. MTSI’s first-class technical support services are provided by our team of dedicated technical support engineers stationed within the United Stated and as well as other business offices in other countries. This innovative service can be provided fast and conveniently anytime through our MRATS program no matter where you are located.
  5. Upgrading your accounting and business management software into one solution is an easy task with MTSI on your side.


What is a "needs analysis" and how can it help my situation?

A "needs analysis" involves us coming to your location to find out what your exact business needs are and how you run your current operations. It is our business to know your business and our number one goal has always been the success of our clients. We form long-lasting partnerships with our customers and a possible change in software, in our minds, is just one piece of the puzzle in making a business more successful and profitable. We only suggest our solution if it will greatly increase the value of your company and this is why we have a 100% client-retention rate. We will make a recommendation on the right solution for your exact needs. If our solution fits your needs you can then decide if a demo is an appropriate next step.


How can Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 streamline your workflow and reduce overhead cost?

How do I schedule a "needs analysis" for my business?

  1. Sage MAS 90 , Sage 100 and Sage MAS 200 efficiently manages your financials thereby eliminating unnecessary expenses
  2. The automation of numerous business key processes eliminates the common errors caused by manually doing the job. Sage MAS 90 , Sage 100 and Sage MAS 200 has so many automation tools that your company can take advantage of.
  3. The Business Intelligence tools integrated within Sage MAS 90 , Sage 100 and Sage MAS 200 allows you to have a quick overview with an easy-to-read format of your company’s financial data which enables you to make decisions to where to be more profitable.
  4. All data entered will go straight to your centralized Sage MAS 90 , Sage 100 and Sage MAS 200 database and is shared across the enterprise.
  5. Proper tracking of inventory, goods, stocks, materials, components and many more are handled by the distribution management and manufacturing management modules of Sage MAS 90 , Sage 100 and Sage MAS 200.
  6. People are your business’ most valuable asset, with the human resources and payroll module in Sage MAS 90 , Sage 100 and Sage MAS 200, your employees will be happily compensated and managed.
  7. Sage MAS 90 , Sage 100 and Sage MAS 200 can integrate with CRM software. With these, you can efficiently maintain good relationships with your customers by combining the solutions for sales, marketing, customer service and technical support.
  8. Your online business can be properly managed by the eBusiness module and all purchases and shipping are transacted and recorded right directly to your Sage MAS 90 , Sage 100 and Sage MAS 200 database.
  9. Sage MAS 90 , Sage 100 and Sage MAS 200 provide more than 25 modules plus over 1000 out-of-the-box industry specific modules to cater your industry specific or specialized needs.
  10. Both Sage MAS 90 , Sage 100 and Sage MAS 200 provide complete comprehensive business management solutions for your business.


How to choose the right accounting software? Can Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 pass the pre-requisites?

  1. Size of your business – an accounting software may be appropriate for some business sizes. Sage MAS 90 , Sage 100 and Sage MAS 200 are ideal for small-midsize businesses.
  2. Allocated budget – obtaining an accounting software can either be cheap or expensive. Low cost accounting software are expected not to be able to provide the demands for largest businesses. Sage MAS 90 , Sage 100 and Sage MAS 200 can cost you a few thousand dollars but the payoffs or the ROI is definitely worth it. They are the perfect ERP and accounting software investments for your company.
  3. Recommendations from experts – it is always advisable to ask for experts’ advice before purchasing. Both Sage MAS 90 , Sage 100 and Sage MAS 200 are CPA’s most recommended accounting software for the small-midmarket category in over 25 years. They are tested and proven to be the best in their class.
  4. Know your problems - Problems are the very reason why the accounting software was invented and the software is designed to solve the problems. There have been so many success stories and testimonials by different companies on how Sage MAS 90 , Sage 100 and Sage MAS 200 helped them solved their business challenges.
  5. Outcome of not buying an accounting software – While it may cost a bit, not buying Sage MAS 90 , Sage 100 or Sage MAS 200 will only make your business problems worse. If you are losing money due to inefficient workflow then you will continue to do so not unless Sage MAS 90 , Sage 100 or Sage MAS 200 can streamline your workflow.
  6. The industry you are in – there are some industries that require a specialized solution. Sage MAS 90 , Sage 100 and Sage MAS 200 features more then 25 modules and over a thousand other industry specific module to cater industry-specific or specialized business needs.
  7. Support after sale – Sage MAS 90 support , Sage 100 Support and Sage MAS 200 support programs are available from Sage Partners such as MTSI ensuring that you are provided with your technical support needs.
  8. Usage and learning difficulty – Sage MAS 90 , Sage 100 and Sage MAS 200 are user-friendly and can be learned. Those who become proficient in using these ERP and accounting software can take full advantage of all its functionality.
  9. Features, advantages and benefits (FABs) – the breadth of functionality, scalability, high-performance processing, flexibility and ease of use are the things Sage MAS 90 , Sage 100 and Sage MAS 200 are known for.
  10. Training - Training makes you proficient in using the accounting software. Sage MAS 90 training , Sage 100 Training and Sage MAS 200 training which are provided by Sage Partners such as MTSI.


How do I schedule a "needs analysis" for my business?

Please call our Business Development Department at 1-866-848-2957.


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