Other Industries

Other Industries

MAS 90 and MAS 200 are usually a great fit for almost every industry.

Even if your business isn’t about distribution, manufacturing or inventory control, our modular based solutions provide software solutions for almost any industry.  Our accounting software solutions cover many industries, including but not limited to:

14xx – Mining & Quarrying Non-Metallic 
2xxx – Manufacturing 
3xxx – Manufacturing 
44xx – Water Transportation 
48xx – Communications 
49xx – Electric Gas / Sanitary Services 
50xx – Wholesale Distribution – Durable Goods 
51xx – Wholesale Distribution – Non-Durable Goods 
54xx – Food Stores 
61xx – Non-depository credit institutions 
63xx – Insurance Carriers 
64xx – Insurance Agents 
67xx – Holding Companies 
70xx – Hospitality 
73xx – Business Services 
78xx – Motion Pictures 
79xx – Sports/Entertainment 
80xx – Health Services 
81xx – Legal Services 
82xx – Educational Services 
83xx – Social Services 
86xx – Membership Organizations 
87xx – Engineering, Accounting & Mgt. Services

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