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The premier MAS 200 Reseller in the United States

MTSI is an outstanding Sage MAS 200 reseller in the United States with intensive knowledge and experience

Sage MAS 200 Reseller – As anyone in the ERP and accounting software industry knows, the Sage MAS 200 software is a very comprehensive solution. While there are many vendors out there, it is rare to find a credible Sage MAS 200 Resellerwhich MTSI is known for. To sell ERP and accounting software is not an easy business, one has to keep a reputation and live up for it. Over the years, Marshall Technology Solutions, Inc. positioned itself as a reputable Sage MAS 200 Reseller with our 19 years of experience in the ERP industry. From the early years since the birth of Sage MAS 90 to the birth of Sage MAS 200, MTSI has been there to play a major role that is why we have a profound knowledge of this product.
MTSI does not only speak up for itself, our clients have always been loyal to us not just because of our reputation as an excellent Sage MAS 200 Reseller but as a Sage MAS 200 partner as well. This means that if we are the chosen vendor of the Sage MAS 200 software, we become your partner to assist you with all your concerns related to the software.

What makes MTSI a credible Sage MAS 200 reseller?

1. MTSI has achieved the lived up to the reputation of a good Sage MAS 200 reseller
After many years of doing business, we know the product inside out. Our technical support team has been trained well in using Sage MAS 200 software. We also provide the support needs of our clients in the fastest, easiest and the most cost-effective way.

2. We offer superior and effective Sage MAS 200 training and Sage MAS 200 support services.
Sage MAS 200 ERP is a powerful software with complex inter-application integrations that is why it is strongly encouraged to have proper knowledge before using the software. Seeing this need, MTSI provides a step-by-step and detailed approach in Sage MAS 200 training. Occasionally, users need assistance with issues related to the software as well, therefore, MTSI also provides professional Sage MAS 200 support services to cater this need. As you see, MTSI is not just a Sage MAS 200 Reseller who only cares about sales.

3. We have keep up a nearly 100% client retention rate
Because of the strong customer orientation that we have and the strong business ethics that we practice, we always make sure that we put our clients’ needs as top priority. In doing so, our clients are loyal to us and rely on us with their needs with great confidence. It is always better to keep loyal clients than acquiring new ones, which also enables our clients to recommend or refer us to their friends as a preferred Sage MAS 200 Reseller.

4. MTSI is a team of Certified Sage MAS Consultants and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers
In order to be credible player in the industry that we are in, MTSI requires all Technical Support staff to become Certified Sage MAS Consultants. This means that we can know Sage MAS 200 software thoroughly and know how to troubleshoot all related issues. Furthermore, our Technical Support staff members are all Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE). This means we can troubleshoot not just your Sage MAS 200 software but issues related to hardware and networking as well. Other Sage MAS 200 vendors only know how to deal with the software which leaves them helpless with networking and hardware related issues.

5. We can provide Sage MAS 200 support and Sage MAS 200 training virtually anywhere and anytime
Through our MRATS™ (MAS Remote Access Technology Support) program, we can conduct Sage MAS 200 training and Sage MAS 200 support over the internet. This eliminates the need for us to visit your office to conduct personal training and support unless preferred or requested. By doing so, both parties can save time, effort and money. This technology is 100% encrypted and totally secured from cyber threats.
These are some of the many benefits and advantages you will have in choosing Marshall Technology Solutions, Inc. as your Sage MAS 200 Reseller. Always keep in mind that when choosing a Sage MAS 200 Reseller, look for the one that doesn’t care about selling alone, but provides extended value and services after purchasing the product. MTSI never failed in this and never will.

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