Sage 100 partner

Sage100 Partner

If you are looking for a sage 100 Partner, then your search is over.

MTSI is the leading Sage 100 partner in the United States

Sage 100 Partner – Marshall Technology Solutions, Inc. is among the biggest and most recognized Authorized Sage Select Partner in the North America. To be a Sage Select Partner means that we only offer and specialize on products from Sage. We have over 20 years in experience and hands-on expertise with Sage product lines.
Ever since the release of Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90) in the 1990s, thousands of companies demand for competent and reliable Sage 100 partner. Throughout its early days, Sage 100 was mostly advertised and promoted by CPAs who use the software in their profession and endorsed it to their clients. We have seen the software from its birth to its rise in popularity. At present, MTSI is known as an authority Sage 100 partner.

If you have sales, training and support needs, you must entrust them with a Sage 100 partner like Marshall Technology Solutions, Inc. Having MTSI at your side ensures that you will be provided with quality level of service unheard in this industry.

Basic facts of MTSI that makes it a quality Sage 100 partner:

1. MTSI has more than 20 years intensive experience in using Sage 100 software.
From its DOS version to the latest version running on a Windows system, MTSI is experienced with the software inside out. We know Sage 100 from its introduction as an accounting software to its evolution as a comprehensive ERP system. Sage 100 is what we focus on as a company. For over two decades of using and living with the software, we made a reputation as a credible Sage 100 partner.

2. MTSI’s Technical Support is a team of Certified Sage MAS Consultants
Apart from our experience in Sage 100, we have certification from Sage as a Certified Sage MAS Consultant. Our staff has been through the extensive training and exams given by Sage. To be a consultant means that our clients trust us which is one of the important things in choosing a Sage 100 partner.

3. MTSI’s Technical Support personnel are all Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers
Some Sage 100 issues are sometimes related to hardware or networking. Most Sage 100 resellers only require their technicians to has Sage 100 certifications which leaves them helpless whenever they deal with hardware or networking issues whereas MTSI can handle any Sage 100 related issue either software, hardware or networking related.

4. MTSI can provide Sage 100 support easier, faster and cost-effective
MTSI is the only Sage 100 partner in the country that guarantees a 4-hour response time after you call for support. MTSI takes pride in providing fast and reliable response to its clients. We understand that your time is precious and we want to your software issues fixed as soon as possible to minimize expenses. Our remote access support program allows us to fix your issues using the internet. This is actually faster and easier for us to resolve issues and will also cost our clients less.
These are just a few of the many things you will get in choosing MTSI to be your Sage 100 Partner. To those companies who purchase their software from another Sage 100 resellers, you can still shift to MTSI and make us your Sage 100 partner. It will be a privilege to do business with you.

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