Sage MAS 90 Account Payable

Sage MAS 90 Account Payable

Customizations and modifications designed to enhance the Sage MAS 90 / Sage MAS 200 Accounts Payable module.

The following are customizations and modifications designed to enhance the Sage MAS 90 / Sage MAS 200 Accounts Payable module.

Broadcast Invoices and Statements By sending monthly statements and open invoices electronically through email or fax, the collection process is automated. Choose the ranges from your Sage MAS 90 / MAS 200 Customer and Vendor database and send them emails.

Sage Extended Solutions for Accounts Payable:

AP-1006 Cash Basis Accounting and History Posting Provides the ability to operate a cash basis accounting system in the Accounts Payable module. Posting to the General Ledger occurs only when an Accounts Payable check is generated to pay an Invoice created from Invoice Data Entry or Manual Check Entry. Alternately, you may continue to post to G/L on an accrual basis and use this Extended Solution to track the original G/L distribution of cash disbursements. ** This Extended Solution is not compatible with the Credit Card Vendor 'Transfer.


AP-1011 Invoice Bank Coding Allows you to specify a Bank Code during A/P Invoice data entry. This Bank Code can be used as an additional selection criterion during Invoice Payment Selection, Check Maintenance, Check Printing, and the Aged Invoice Report.


AP-1012 Accounts Payable Invoice Data Import from ASCII file Five file formats for importing Accounts Payable Invoice Data.

AP-1015 Data Conversion for Extended Comments to C/M UDF Provides a conversion utility of the AP-1015 Open Invoice Extended Comments, entered prior to version 4.20, to an AP Invoice Custom Office User Defined Field.

AP-1016 Multiple Divisions/Companies on Checks Allows a single Accounts Payable check to be generated to pay on-file invoices for the same Vendor number in multiple divisions and/or multiple companies. A single Accounts Payable check can be generated for the total of all invoices selected for the same vendor number across divisions and company codes.

AP-1020 Custom Comment Posting To Job Cost Allows you to determine the contents of the posting comment to the Job Cost transaction detail file.

AP-1023 Company Name By Division Adds Company Name and Company Address fields to A/P Division Maintenance. Via FORM Maintenance, the Company Name and Company Address may be printed on A/P checks.

AP-1024 Foreign Currency Processing Provides a method to enter and maintain Invoices in a foreign currency (with a default currency conversion factor by division) and post to the General Ledger in U.S. Dollars.

AP-1025 MICR Laser Checks For Accounts Payable Obsolete in 4.20 Print checks on your laser printer. including manual checks. with the micr-encoding required by your bank.

AP-1027 Multiple Company Accounts Payable Adds the concept of multiple Subsidiary companies for a single Agent company. You can perform Invoicing, Manual Check Entry, Invoice Payment selection, and G/L postings to Subsidiary companies concurrently with the Agent company. The Check History, Monthly Purchase, and Purchase Analysis Reports have been enhanced to report on Subsidiary company activity.

AP-1043 Distribution Table For Invoice Entry Adds user defined ‘distribution tables’ to Accounts Payable. Each table lists up to ninety-nine General Ledger Account Numbers and a corresponding percentage value for each account. During Invoice Data Entry, a distribution table may be selected and used to generate distribution lines for the invoice.

AP-1046 Division Number by Distribution Line Adds the ability to ‘allocate’ distribution lines on Accounts Payable invoices to multiple divisions. Individual invoices, one invoice per division, are then automatically created. This Extended Solution will not function if your Accounts Payable module is integrated with the Job Cost module or the Time and Billing module.

AP-1058 Security by Division Adds security by Division to specific locations in Accounts Payable, Purchase Order and Inventory. Users without clearance will not be allowed to enter Division Codes in specific Reports, Inquiries and Data Entry Screens. You may choose if users should be included or excluded in the Setup for this Extended Solution.

AP-1059 Enhanced Accounts Payable Invoice Register Allows the General Ledger Account Description and Vendor Address to print on the Accounts Payable Invoice Register. The register may also be reprinted with page breaks by invoice.

AP-1063 Electronic Payment For A/P Allows for direct deposit entries to be processed, formatted, and placed in files suitable for transmission to your financial institution. The files that are generated meet all NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association) standards.

AP-1066 Automatic Next Vendor Invoice Number Adds the ability to automatically assign the ‘N’ext Vendor Invoice Number during A/P Invoice Entry and Manual Check Entry.

AP-1072 Batch Processing Of Manual Check Entry Obsolete in 4.20 Adds batch processing capability to Accounts Payable Manual Check Entry.

AP-1073 Multiple Company Check Processing Adds individual company check processing for multiple MAS 90 MAS 200 Companies from one Company Code.

AP-1076 Retain Paid Invoices for 9999 Days Allows the retention of paid invoices for up to 9,999 days.

AP-1077 Additional Check Printing Sort Options Adds the ability to print checks in alphabetical order by Vendor Name.

AP-1079 Alternate Path for Check Forms Allows you to specify an alternate path for the check form for Check Printing, Manual Check Printing, and Extended Stub Printing. (Please see manual)

AP-1080 Enhanced A/P Check Printing with Crystal Reports Obsolete in 4.20 Adds Job Number, Cost Code, Cost Type, Cost Code Description, and Purchase Order Number fields to the definition of the A/P Crystal Check Line Work File (AP_21) in the crystal data dictionary.

AP-1085 Multiple Company Vendor Synchronization (See also GL- and AR-1239.) Synchronizes Vendor Maintenance information across multiple companies

AP-1088 Enhanced Vendor Maintenance Module prompts the user for a password when an attempt is made to change the Vendor Name field in A/P Vendor Maintenance. Changes made to the field during the setup of a new Vendor will not require a password.

AP-1090 Alphanumeric Divisions for Accounts Payable Allows you to enter and maintain alphanumeric Divisions in the Accounts Payable Module.

AP-1091 Customer Number Prompt/Display on A/P Invoice Line OBSOLETE IN 4.20 Allows you to associate A/P Invoice Distribution lines with particular Customers.

AP-1092 Invoice Payment Selection Restricted by User ID Prevents other users from accessing all options on the Check Printing menu until the selection is cleared in Payment Selection or the check register is updated.

AP-1094 'Due To/Due From' Accounts Adds additional posting functionality to either AP-1016: Multiple Divisions/Companies on Checks, or AP-1073: Multiple Company Check Processing. For each check that pays funds for another company code, additional General Ledger entries will be created to offsetting ‘Due To’ and ‘Due From’ accounts that you specify in new Company Code Offset Account Maintenance program.

AP-1095 Paperless Office: A/P Checks & Direct Deposit Stubs Allows you to generate checks and Direct Deposit stubs as PDF documents.

AP-1096 Rapid Manual Check Entry for Multiple Companies Allows fast manual check entry for multiple companies in one place.

AP-1097 Multiple Company Manual Check Update Provides the ability to print and update manual check registers for multiple companies simultaneously.

AP-1098 Restricted Invoice Selection Modifies the A/P Payment Selection Register to only select invoices that have received at least all of their line quantities recorded on the invoice.

AP-1098 Restricted Invoice Selection Modifies the A/P Payment Selection Register to only select invoices that have received at least all of their line quantities recorded on the invoice.

AP-1099 A/P Custom Office UDF Display in Invoice Selection Adds a Custom Office UDF to the `Select` option in Invoice Payment Selection and Check Maintenance.

AP-1100 Check Number Update by Bank ID Across Company Codes Prohibits entry into A/P Check Printing and Manual Check Entry when the Bank ID for the Bank Code being referenced is in use in another Company Code. Resets the `Next` check number field across Company Codes in Bank Codes with the same Bank ID.

AP-1101 Multiple Company Aged Invoice Report Modifies the Accounts Payable Aged Invoice Report as follows: • adds a range of Company Codes to the Selection criteria • adds Company Code as a column on the report, to the left of the Invoice Number.

AP-1102 Automatic Next Vendor Number Creates an Automatic Next Vendor Number option in Accounts Payable Vendor Maintenance, Accounts Payable Invoice Data Entry and Accounts Payable Manual Check Entry.

AP-1103 Zero Dollar Check Printing Will modify graphical Account Payable check printing to print checks with a zero dollar amount. This applies to Account Payable Check Printing as well as Account Payable Manual Check Entry.

AP-1104 Payee Vendor Check Processing Allows you to designate a separate ‘payee’ vendor on an invoice via a Custom Office UDF. In addition, the payee vendor's name and address can be printed on graphical checks.

AP-1105 Enhanced VI Import into A/P Invoice Entry Modifies APWVIP to calculate the ‘Invoice Total’ and ‘Amount Subject to Discount’ in the A/P Invoice Data Entry Header file (AP5) as the sum of the A/P Invoice Data Entry Line (AP6) records

AP-1106 A/P Interface with CPAPractice Manager Allows you to synchronize CPAPractice Manager Client, Employee and Service Code data against three corresponding User Defined Validation tables in MAS90. When the corresponding UDFs have been added to the detail grid, Invoice Entry and Manual Check Entry of an Invoice on the fly will prompt the user to fill in this data (it is not required). Invoice Register update and Manual Check Register update have been modified to export the A/P data back to CPAPractice Manager’s SQL Time In table.

AP-1107 Terms Codes With Multiple Due Dates Allows an unlimited number of due dates and a corresponding percentage of the invoice amount to be assigned to designated terms codes during A/P Invoice Entry. Invoice Payment Selection and the A/P Aging process have been modified to recognize portions of Invoices for aging and payment selection.

AP-1108 A/P Payment Selection Based on A/R Cash Receipts Modifies the A/R Cash Receipt update process to write an Amount paid on a Sales Order Invoice to a corresponding A/P Invoice Custom Office User Defined Field. A/P Invoice Payment Selection as been modified to only select an Invoice for payment if this Total Amount Paid UDF equals or exceeds the A/P Invoice’s amount due.

AP-1109 Budget Comparison for A/P and P/O Compares expected postings to the General Ledger from A/P Invoice Entry and Purchase Order Entry to a specified annual budget for each account. If the sum of the open A/P + the open P/O + the existing postings exceeds the annual budget then the user will be prevented from proceeding unless a password is entered.

AP-1110 Negative Check Selection for AP-1063 Allows negative checks to be included in the ACH file. This Extended Solution requires AP-1063: Electronic Payment for Accounts Payable.

AP-1111 Extended G/L Posting Comments from A/P Invoices Extended G/L Posting Comments from A/P Invoices.

AP-1113 Enhanced Job Status Posting for A/P Modifies Accounts Payable Invoice Entry to notify you when the Job Number selected has the status of Complete or Closed. It will also modify the Job update when a Closed job has been referenced on an Invoice by changing its status to Complete rather than to Open.

AP-1114 Tax Detail Edit for A/P Invoice Entry Allows the Total Purchase amount to be separated into taxable and non-taxable amounts on Accounts Payable Invoices.

AP-1115 Additional Discounts for A/P Invoices Allows you to add two additional user defined discounts to Accounts Payable Invoice Entry. These discounts will be applied on the first check processed against the invoice and will post to the general ledger accounts specified during setup.

AP-1116 G/L Segment Substitution in A/P Invoice Entry Provides G/L Segment Substitution in A/P Invoice Entry and A/P Repetitive Invoice Entry. A/P Invoice Batch processing has been modified with a prompt for a G/L Sub Account. Its value will default into the G/L Sub Account on the Invoice Header.

AP-1117 Auto A/R Invoice Creation from A/P Invoice Entry Creates A/R Invoices from A/P Invoices when the A/P Invoice Distribution Account is in a Setup specified range. The creation of A/R Invoices occurs as part of the A/P Invoice Register update. The A/R Invoices will contain a Setup specified Item Code and will be for the same amount as the A/P Distribution amount. This functionality can be restricted to one specified A/R Division.

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