JobOps Manufacturing Software for MAS 90 and MAS 200 designed for manufacturing and service job cost industries
Choosing the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that addresses your business needs is quite a challenging task as there is a long list of factors to consider such as integration, centralized control, business intelligences, reporting, accounting, and other facets of your business. Sage 100 SQL offers a broad-range of modules and business solutions that addresses all these areas through a centralize management system which is your ERP software. Sage 100 integrates your financials and accounting, human resources, business intelligences, manufacturing, distribution, e-Commerce, sales, customer relationship management (CRM) and many others.
JobOps is a suite of Job Shop Tracking Software modules for Sage MAS 90 ERP and Sage MAS 200 ERP software. Used by small & medium business manufacturing, project based and service/repair companies, it is designed to manage the operations, workflow and costing of jobs or projects.

Industries served by JobOps include custom manufacturing, small business manufacturing, on-site installation and construction, depot and field service repairs, contractors, project management and anyone who needs to track the costs of labor, materials, and outside services while scheduling resources to meet required completion dates.

Job Shop Quoting, Estimating and Configuring Orders, Purchasing to the Job, Scheduling, Preventative Maintenance Scheduling, Requirements Planning, MRP, MRP II, Job Tracking and Costing, Field Service and Dispatch. JobOps lets you GET JOBS DONE ON TIME and with INCREASED PROFITABILITY!



JobOps is a robust software that automates job management processes including installation, manufacturing as well as friend service organizations. JobOps seamlessly integrates with both Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 ERP software, which in turn provides the small and mid-market industry with a comprehensive suite of ERP software which delivers financial and operations information from a single source.

Estimating & Quoting

JobOps makes estimation simple which enables you to come up with fast and easy precise quotations.
  • Re-use past quotes by copying from existing templates to speed the creation of new estimates
  • Combining bills of material, routers, labor, and contracted services to create a detailed cost roll-up
  • JobOps Product Configurator aids in selecting options and calculating pricing
  • Automatic update of material costs to reflect recent purchases.

Orders (Sales Orders and Work Tickets)

JobOps and Sales Orders can integrate flawless with each other, providing you with a streamlined workflow which in turn provides a single source for all job information.
  • Quickly convert from an approved detailed quote to a sales order
  • Generate work ticket order automatically
  • Optimizes cash flow
  • Creates dynamic to-do list

Job Planning

JobOps and Sales Orders can integrate flawless with each other, providing you with a streamlined workflow which in turn provides a single source for all job information.
  • Consolidates requirements
  • Automatically generates purchase orders
  • Optimizes cash flow
  • Creates dynamic to-do list


To run your operations at maximum efficiency, you need to obtain the right materials to cater the present needs without overstocking your inventory. JobOps aids you in managing your purchasing process to prevent shortage of materials which can affect schedules for deliveries. Purchase to order or job means that the acquisition or buying of materials only happen when the job requires the material. Material requirement are identified whenever a client makes an order, and consequently, the nearest vendor will deliver the materials orders whenever the job requires it.JobOps monitors the starting date and each phase of the job process. It rechecks the Bill of Materials needed to complete the steps. The due date for the material needed for a step then becomes the date that the step is scheduled to begin. After that, JobOps makes a list of the materials that is required to be ordered, by looking at all demands from orders and jobs. Next, this list is compared to the list of materials currently available, if the materials are not available, it is marked as an exception item and it will added to a list of items to be ordered. Capacity requirements and Materials Requirements planning could be essential parts of your operations when using JobOps.

  • Verification of quote accuracy before production starts
  • Determine material availability
  • Notify purchasing of shortages
  • Check production schedules
  • Easily track original versus revised estimates

Costing & Tracking

The JobOps Time Tracker module allows your workforce report on what they have accomplished, as well as the materials they have used, in real-time. Using terminals out on the shop floor, bar coding, or web-based reporting, workforce could straightaway enter their time and materials for the jobs they are carrying out on. With JobOps Time Tracker you will be informed in real time on the updates of all of your jobs and can respond to client inquiries about their jobs in a timely manner. The actual cost of the employees’ time (including overtime) and the cost of the materials is immediately available for management analysis. The updates of a job is available while the job is still being worked on, which means that cost overruns are visible when you can still respond and make modifications. Furthermore, exception reporting tells you whenever a job isn’t running as scheduled. When inventory is issued to a job, it is charged instantly to the job and the on-hand quantity of that inventory is also updated. Knowing the specific available inventory quantities enables you to make better purchasing decisions and ensure that inventory will be available for the following job that requires the same material. Since JobOps and Sage MAS 90 and 200 is closely integrated, your accounting division receives the benefit of working labor and inventory ledgers so that verification can be made prior to posting to the journals. Accounting maintains its controls and processes while Operations still receives real time reporting on the status of their jobs.
  • Real-time job status
  • Real-time actual versus estimated costing
  • Projected costing based on work completed
  • Provides real-time alerts letting you know of potential cost overruns while in production

Field Service & Dispatch

When your field service is required to stand above the rest, consider the Field Service & Dispatch solution powered by JobOps. The Field Service & Dispatch software solution operates with industry-leading Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 ERP to help automate your service delivery and tracking process.

Plus it works with JobOps Job Management to give you the power to address the entire customer lifecycle from a sales order to making the product to installing and servicing it-all in one integrated system.

Instead of using numerous disparate solutions to do this?streamline your service business by simplifying dispatching and management of your employees and work orders simultaneously. It’s also possible to simply monitor costs against the total revenue of your service contracts since it relates to the total job profitability.

An integrated field service solution helps you get rid of paperwork and increase your cash flow simply because you can give timely services, invoice quicker and collect payment quicker.
  • Custom Office Integration allows the end-user the ability to add user-defined fields to track specific information
  • Enhanced field service scheduling lets a technician’s time and work locations be scheduled for greater control and productivity of resources
  • Integration to Sage Sales Tax module
  • Customizable dispatch board gives better views of customer information and work to be performed
  • Outlook integration
Download the Field Service & Dispatch Fact Sheet

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