Sage MAS 90 Small Business

MAS 90 Small Business

The MAS 90 Small Business Edition is designed for small businesses that only need 1 to 2 users, but still need a robust mid-market accounting software program

Is your business starting small but thinking big for what’s ahead? Are you looking for accounting software that will suit your small business needs and still allow growth in the future?
Sage MAS 90 ERP is the number-one midrange accounting software, and is recommended by more CPAs than any other accounting application. But with more than 25 modules and hundreds of add-on applications, some business owners and managers find that this is more software than their smaller operations require. That’s why we’ve made available this special version of Sage MAS 90 ERP to suit the needs and budgets of smaller businesses.Sage MAS 90 Small Business Editionprovides the same ease of use and intuitive workflow that has made the standard Sage MAS 90 solution so popular with Sage customers and it provides conveniently bundled modules that make it easy and cost effective for small businesses to get started.

By investing in Sage MAS 90 Small Business Edition, growth-minded companies will not only gain a powerful, stable accounting solution, but they will also enjoy an easy expansion and migration path that makes good business sense. As your company grows, Sage MAS 90 ERP will grow with it. You can easily upgrade your system to standard Sage MAS 90 ERP, or you might choose Sage MAS 200, our powerful client/server edition. All versions of the software provide the same look and feel, virtually eliminating the learning curve that is often present when changing software products. Your important Sage MAS 90 Small Business Edition data, including all your historical detail, will also function seamlessly with the standard Sage MAS 90ERP or Sage MAS 200 ERP systems.


Low Cost of Entry

Sage MAS 90 Small Business Edition is an exclusive entry-level version of standard Sage MAS 200 ERP, it costs less, yet provides all the capabilities small businesses need.

Easy Ordering With Two Bundle Choices

The software is sold exclusively in pre-packaged bundles, so you can buy the module bundle you need and add individual modules as required. Choose the core accounting bundle, which includes: Library Master, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger (With or without Microsoft FRx Desktop), and Bank Reconciliation. In addition you may add to, or complete the suite, with the distribution bundle, composed of Inventory Management, Sales Order, and Purchase Order. Should you require other modules not part of the Sage MAS 90 Small Business Edition bundles, such as Payroll, these applications are available at regular Sage MAS 90 prices.

Getting Started Is Simple

When you purchase Sage MAS 90 Small Business Edition, we’ll provide you with a software tutorial that will get you up and running quickly. This tutorial overview guides you through your Sage MAS 90 Small Business Edition core modules and helps you get the most out of this powerful accounting solution. And because the software walks you through the necessary setup steps in each module, your learning curve is significantly less than with other accounting packages.

Software Stability

Sage has been expanding and adapting Sage MAS 90 since 1988 to accommodate changing business needs and to take advantage of new technologies. With more than 75,000 customers, Sage MAS 90 is proven software that sets the standard for stability. Plus, you can feel even more at ease with the award-winning support team at Sage. Our support staff has won the prestigious Software Technical Assistance Recognition (STAR) Award for five consecutive years. This translates into fast, accurate, and friendly answers to all your technical issues.

Easy Transition to Sage MAS 90 or 200 as Your Company Grows

Sage MAS 90 Small Business Edition is ideal for small companies that foresee significant growth on the horizon. With standard Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 waiting in the wings, it makes smart business sense to invest in Sage MAS 90 Small Business Edition. Should the need for additional users, multiple locations, or SQL Server technology arise, the move up to the next level of accounting solutions will be easy and cost-effective. Not only will your data transfer to these more powerful solutions quickly and easily, but your accounting staff will also appreciate the look and feel that is standard across the product line.

What is Sage MAS 90 Small Business?

Sage MAS 90 Small Business is sold in cost-efficient, single-user or two-user bundles. You can purchase the core accounting modules, which include: Library Master, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger (with or without FRx Desktop), and Bank Reconciliation. Or, if you have a large inventory and need to track this important asset, you can complete the suite by adding the distribution bundle which includes Inventory Management, Sales Order, and Purchase Order. No matter which solution you choose, Sage MAS 90 Small Business is sure to give you the accounting power and growth capabilities you need to achieve your business goals.

MAS 90 for Core Accounting

The best accounting software in its class. MAS 90 comes with a standard for five core accounting modules - Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation, Fixed Assets, and General Ledger. With its core accounting system and many additional optional modules to choose from, you have total control, therefore you can maximize your productivity. This robust foundation gives an edge in the performance of all business operations.

MAS90 for Distribution

Better than any other business distribution software when it comes to distribution management.

MAS 90 can handle well all-around distribution management. With its distribution functionality you are able to cut cost, maximize profiles and excellently manage your inventory. The distribution management module of MAS90 can handle Sales Order, Inventory Management, Return Merchandise Authorization, Purchase Order, Bar Code, StarShip and Credit Card Processing. With these distribution management capabilities, MAS 90 proves to be a superior distribution management software. 

MAS 90 for Manufacturing

It takes pride in its comprehensive module for manufacturing management, giving you total control with your processes and operations
MAS 90 can handle all stages of your production cycle with maximum efficiency and accuracy. This can with done with your total control of your Bill of Materials, Material Requirements Planning and Work Order Processing. When all processes in the production cycle are accomplished, you will have flawless flow of distribution with the Inventory Management and Sales Order modules. Manufacturing processes need to be efficiently managed; you can't afford to incur unnecessary expenses due to inefficiencies. Through this module, your manufacturing operations will be handled well.

MAS90 for Business Intelligence

Your ERP allows you to see your business in all perspectives with Business Insights which makes it a powerful ERP and business management software.

With MAS 90 Business Insights Explorer, you can have quick visibility all throughout your business and convert information into actionable knowledge. Business Alerts, Business Insights Reporter, Custom Office, Data Migration, F9, Microsoft FRx and Visual Integrator are some added business intelligence tools which provide you further extensive capabilities to increase your business efficiency and productivity. Knowledge is power, and in the business world, knowledge put to good use is money, with MAS 90 and Business Insights, turn that knowledge in to millions of dollars.

MAS90 Human Resource Development (HRM)

Manage your Human Resources at the tip of your finger tips.
MAS90 has a payroll module which allows you handle simple payrolls in-house. Let Abra HR keep track of pay increases and calculate raises, even midway through a pay period. Abra HR and Abra Payroll provide complete solutions for managing the heart of your business-your employees. For full-service payroll, you may want to take advantage of our online solution, Sage Payroll Services. Giving value and importance to our employees and empowering them is one of the keys to every business success, with MAS 90 at your hand, you can provide that value and importance.

MAS 90 Time and Project Managements

Efficient business operation performance through its Time and Project Management

MAS 90 enables you to efficiently keep track and record the time you consumed, allows you to process payroll, manage resources and maximize profitability. Choose the level of time and project management tool you need-Payroll, Abra HR, Electronic Reporting, Job Cost, TimeSheet and Time Card combine to deliver a total solution for your workforce. For every business time is gold, and with a powerful ERP software, your time will be spent well.

MAS90 e-Commerce or eBusiness Manager

MAS90 does not limit your business operations offline, on the other hand, it increases your business coverage across the world with eBusiness. Internet marketing has proven to help businesses, taking them to greater heights of success, and MAS 90 can also do that for you. With the e-Business Manager module, customers can easily logon and securely place orders directly into your MAS 90 or MAS 200 system. Other optional applets include .inquiry, .vendor, and .sales further increase your storefront functionality and customer service. Online businesses allows the market to purchase their needs and only MAS90 can give you that capability with the assurance of security and efficiency. Featuring a range of built-in customization options, both MAS 90 and MAS 200 can be quickly and easily modified to meet customer-specific requirements. Our nationwide network of business partners offers hundreds of off-the-shelf, industry-specific enhancements designed to help customers make the most of their software investments namely MAS90.

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