MAS 90 or Sage 100 Sales Order Customization and Modification Solutions

MAS 90 or Sage 100 Sales Order Customization and Modification Solutions

mas 90 or Sage 100 sales order customization solutions, so solutions for mas 90 / Sage 100

The following are customizations and modifications designed to enhance the Sage MAS 90 / Sage 100 / MAS 200 Sales Order module:

Sales Order with JobCost

This solutions will enable the user to assign a Job Cost Job Number to a Sales Order or Sales Order Invoice, Cost Code and Cost Type per line item during data entry. The history in the Job Billing with the invoice details will be updated as soon as the Sales Journal is updated. The Job Cost details are also available from Invoice History Inquiry.

Sales Order and Purchase Order Line Merges

With this enhancement, you can now merge ranges of any data entry line or any Sage MAS 90 or Sage 100 memo into any Sales Order or Purchase Order line entry screen. This enhancement makes entering, maintaining and printing of Quotes, Invoices, Purchase Orders and Sales Orders more efficient and effective.

Sales Order to Purchase Order Link

This customization enables Sales Order and Purchase Order Lines to be linked together. Having both SO and PO linked together makes it easier to manage the current Purchase Order and the availability status of Sales Order Lines.

Most Popular Sales Order Extended Solutions:

SO-1005 Price Level By Customer and Product Line Allows pricing of Inventory items based upon a customer price level that can be set for each Product Line, Product Line/Price Code, or a Product Line/Ship-To Code combination. (If purchasing at version 4.05 or lower, will require AR-1127 as well, which ships at no charge.)

SO-1018 Promise Date by Line Item You can refresh existing lines with a change to the header Ship Date. The Promise Date is added to the S/O Invoice grid in the same manner as Order Entry. Sales Orders can be sorted by Promise Date or Order Date on the Inquiry tab of Inventory Maintenance and Inventory Inquiry. Picking Sheet selection has been modified with a range of Promise Dates

SO-1092 Bill Option Description and Price on Sales Order Forms Allows Bill of Material Kit or Standard Option descriptions, the corresponding prices, and the Extended Amounts to be printed on Sales Order and Sales Order Invoice forms. Additional functionality is available if you have Extended Solution BM-1042: 35 Options Categories installed and enabled.

SO-1354 Commission Rate Table by Salesperson/Customer/Item Number Add a new Commission Rate Maintenance Program to Sales Order Setup which allows the user to specify Commission Rate by Salesperson/Customer/Item Number.

 SO-1095 Sliding Scale Commissions By Item Allows commissions generated from Sales Order invoices to be calculated on a sliding scale based on either the gross profit percentage or the unit price of the individual Inventory line items. Additionally, you may calculate a line item’s commission amount by applying the commission rate arrived at by this Extended Solution to the line item extension rather than using the Inventory item’s standard commission method.

SO-1096 Customer Purchase Order Number Validation in Sales Order Modifies the Standard Sales Order Option ‘Check for Duplicate Customer PO Numbers’ by • Allowing the user to prevent re-use of a Customer P/O Number • Telling the user on what document the duplication was detected • Always searching A/R Invoice History • Optionally searching S/O Invoice Entry.

SO-1099 'ON DEMAND' Sales Order Fill Report Creates a report that allows you to detect which Sales Orders can be filled ‘On Demand,’ automatically select Picking Sheets for printing, calculate and auto-select the number of Shipping Labels needed for each order, create a Master Picking Ticket Report that summarizes the Item Numbers, Descriptions and Total Quantity for all selected orders and generate a ‘batch’ of Sales Order Invoices from the selected Sales Orders.

SO-1530 Enhanced Sales Order Integration with Job Cost Enhances the functionality to the Sales Order integration with Job Cost. Some of the features include: Preventing WIP relief for S/O invoices, changing the job status, updating the posted costs to the estimate fields, posting drop ship costs to the job, using the sales order module's G/L accounts for COPGS and Revenue, relieve Inventory with Sales Journal Update.

SO-1271 Authorized Purchase Control by Customer Prevents specified customers from purchasing individual items and/or purchasing from specific product lines. OR allows only specified customers to purchase certain items and/or from specific product lines.

SO-1173 Item Pricing By Total Quantity Allows the price of Inventory Items entered on a Sales Order to be recalculated using one of the following methods:|

•Total Quantity of all items in a Product Line
•Total Quantity of all items on the Sales Order
•Sum of the Quantity Ordered
•Total Quantity of all items that reference the same IM-1077 UDF
•Total Quantity of all items in a Category Code.


SO-1175 Lot/Serial Distribution Entry from Sales Order Provides the ability to distribute Lot Numbers and Serial Numbers during Sales Order Entry. This Extended Solution is integrated with the Bar Code module’s S/O Invoice Import.

SO-1121 Multiple Sales Orders On Single Invoice Enables one Sales Order Invoice to be created containing line items from multiple Sales Orders for the same customer.

SO-1409 Shipping Data Entry Integration with SO-1099 Allows you to access S/O Invoices from Shipping Data Entry. Sage Extended Solution SO-1099: ‘On Demand’ Sales Order Fill Report must be installed and enabled for this Extended Solution to function.

SO-1055 S/O Commissions by Line Item Allows commission rates to be overridden in Sales Order and S/O Invoice entry on a line item basis.

SO-1489 Auto Generate Purchase Orders from S/O Entry Adds a 'Create PO' Button to Sales Order entry Totals tab which allows the user to create Drop Ship Purchase Orders without using a utility or manual data entry. (See also SO-1477 and PO-1020.)

If you would like to request more information about Sales Order Module Solutions for Sage MAS 90 / Sage 100 / MAS 200, please fill out the request information form.

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