Nationwide Support

Nationwide Support

At MTSI, we go to great lengths to ensure we keep up with latest technology in order to support our clients better. MTSI was one of the first Sage MAS 90 reseller / Sage 100 reseller in the country to offer 100% remote support to our clients. This means thousands of dollars in savings for our clients. No waiting for a technician to arrive at your office. No paying for travel time. Just a simple click on our website, and a technician is working on your computer as if he/she was sitting right there. This is the MRATS™ (MAS Remote Access Technology Support™) program. Visit the MRATS™ page for more details.

MTSI is one of the few Sage partners large enough to handle support no matter where you are located. We have 4 offices across the United States for local on-site support. However, we also provide remote support via the internet. No matter where you are located in the United States, simply call our toll-free number to be connected to one of our certified support technicians. He or she will direct you to the remote access area of our website. Within seconds, we will be working on your system as if we were sitting right at your desk. All you need is high speed internet access (DSL, Cable, T-1).

Support after the sale is the most important thing to look for in a Sage MAS 90 reseller / Sage 100 reseller. At MTSI, this has always been our philosophy, which has allowed us to never lose a client in over 19 years. Very few, if any other Sage MAS 90 reseller / Sage 100 reseller, can say the same.

To truly support a client who is running Sage MAS 90 accounting software, it requires a dedicated team of certified consultants. At MTSI, we require our technicians to not only be certified on Sage MAS 90, but also to be Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE). This provides our clients with a comfort level unsurpassed in our industry. This means that if your Sage MAS 90 accounting software or MAS 90 is having issues, we can fully troubleshoot the problem, even if it is related to your hardware or network. Some other Sage MAS 90 resellers only require Sage MAS 90 certifications, which leaves them helpless when the issues are related to hardware and network problems.

Having a “customer mindset” sets MTSI apart from our competitors. Although MTSI is constantly growing and becoming one of the largest Sage MAS 90 resellers or Sage 100 in the United States, we still maintain the “small company mentality” which is another reason we have never lost a client in all these years.

MTSI has many Sage MAS 90 support plans for our valued clients. Please visit the support plans page for more details. To better understand the many ways you can obtain support on your Sage MAS 90 software, please visit our Support Procedures and Options page.

The bottom line… If you are looking for Sage MAS 90 support , then MTSI is the only call you need to make.

To find out more about our nationwide support options, please all our toll-free number 866-848-2957 today. Please also visit the other support pages here on our website for more details about MTSI and the support options we provide.

Marshall Technology Nationwide support services for MAS 90, Sage 100, and MAS 200

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