Sage 100 Support

Sage 100 Support

Sage 100 support including sage 100 help from the nation’s leading sage 100 reseller and sage 100 consultant.

MTSI provides professional Sage 100 support services.
Marshall Technology Solutions, Inc. is a team of experienced professionals who have been intensively trained in ERP. In order to provide reliable Sage 100 support services, MTSI requires its technical support personnel to be accredited as Certified Sage MAS Consultants. This is a certification that Sage gives to its partners who have undergone such training. On top of that, MTSI also requires its technical support team to have Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE) certifications. This means that our technical Support department can help you no only issues related with Sage 100 ERP software itself but hardware and networking issues as well. Some issues in Sage 100 are hardware or network related. This common leaves other resellers helpless if they are dealing with such issues because they only require Sage 100 certifications. This practice gives our clients a level of comfort unsurpassed in this industry.

MTSI always puts its clients first before any other. It is always providing reliable and quality service first before profit. Despite the fact that MTSI continuous to grow as one of the largest Sage 100 partners in the country, we still keep that “small company” mindset. This enables us to work closely with our clients. This is one of the reasons why we have consistently maintained nearly 100% client retention rate for over 20 years.

MTSI also offers several Sage 100 support plans for our valued clients to choose from. This allows them to pick which option suits them best according to their needs. Kindly visit our Support Plans page to have a better understanding on our support plans. Furthermore, our Support Procedures page will also give you a brief overview on how we work on providing Sage 100 support to our clients.

Lastly, MTSI goes the extra mile to ensure that we are up to the date with the latest technologies. As a company that belongs to the technology industry, MTSI is one of the first Sage 100 reseller in the country to offer 100% remote access support to its clients. This means there is no need for our technicians to visit your office to fix your issues. We can do it remotely through a technology called MAS Remote Access Technology or MRATS™. Therefore our clients no longer need to pay the travel time and other expenses. Our technical support personnel can fix the issues remotely through the internet.

When purchasing a comprehensive ERP software such as Sage 100, it is normal to experience some challenges along the way in using the software. Having said that, it is very important in choosing a Sage 100 reseller, you must look for the one that provides support after sales. MTSI, for over 20 years, has always kept this philosophy. We don’t just sell software and look after the profit, we emphasize on taking care of our clients by providing them the quality of service they deserve.

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