Support Procedures and Options

Support Procedures and Options

Support By Phone

When calling our toll-free number of 866.848.2957, simply press “2” for technical support. We understand that you may like working with a specific technician, and you are welcome to enter the technician’s direct extension. However, since our technicians are “in the field” from time to time, your call may not be answered right away if done this way. By pressing 2, your call will ring at all 4 of our locations and the next available technician will be able to take your call. MTSI uses a central server system which means the technicians at all of our locations can see information regarding your system. If all technicians are busy, your call will be routed to our technical support voice mail system after 2 minutes. Your call then goes into a queue that notifies all of our support staff that a call is waiting to be returned. During your support call, the technician will give you an “Ticket ID” also known as a “Case Number.” Please refer to thisTicket IDwhen calling back on the same problem, as this will help the next technician working on this issue for you. Our support database is also a part of our central server system, so each technician can see the notes of previous support issues. You will also receive an email regarding your issue from our support department.

Support By Fax

At MTSI, we have tried to make all our support options as easy as possible. You may also fax your error messages or support requests to our toll-free number of 866.491.9545. All faxes are first routed to our support department and then dispatched out to the next available technician. Please include your Ticket ID on your fax if this is an ongoing issue.

Support By Fax

You may also email your support questions to info@mtsi-backup.local and the next available technician will get back to you. As mentioned under the Support By Phone option, you are welcome to email a specific technician, however if he/she is in the field, a reply may not be possible the same day. If your email is regarding a previously opened issue, please include the Ticket ID in the subject line of your email.

Support By Live Chat

We have been asked by many clients about the possibility of chatting “live” with a technician. For this reason, we have created a live chat support option.

If technicians are available online, the icon will inform you of that. If all technicians are busy, the icon will let you know that you can leave a message for the next technician. You may still click on the icon and fill out the information. A technician will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have any other suggestions regarding how we can make your support options a better experience, please let us know.
Remote access support services for MAS 90, MAS 200 and MAS 500
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