Sage MAS 200 Training

MAS 200 Training

Sage MAS 200 ERP Training is provided best with MTSI.

MAS 200 training with MTSI’s Certified Sage MAS Consultants is the way to become proficient in using the software
At MTSI, we intend to make our clients proficient and knowledgeable that is why we provide a detailed approach in our MAS 200 training. We want our clients to know the software inside and out. We believe that by providing full and proper training, our clients can reduce future support cost that can possibly incur. The more they know Sage MAS 200, the less likely they need our technical support. MTSI cares for its clients and does not wish them to spend a lot for technical support, therefore, we provide you with our full knowledge and expertise during your Sage MAS 200 training. This client-value philosophy sets MTSI apart from the rest of the competition. Other MAS 200 resellers only care to earn more money from support services.

Sage MAS 200 is a robust ERP software containing more than 25 modules including accounting, distribution, job cost and a lot more. Sage MAS 200 ERP is a mid-market product which requires extensive training ensuring proper use and application. Our clients who have taken our MAS 200 training have become more efficient, knowledgeable, proficient and productive with the program.

Majority of our clients opt to have their MAS 200 training at their own office instead the training center which we provide. By doing so, this allows our clients to use their data during training, making them relate almost every detail of the training with actual application. This also allows them to deal with emergencies should they come up anytime during the day. From experience, from the most part it takes 3 to 4 hours of intensive training per module for MAS 200.

To find out more about Sage MAS 200 training, call our office at 866.848.2957 or visit the rest of our training pages here on our website. We also have listed training classes at our Denver training center as well as a list of online seminars on their respective pages here on our web site.
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